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Tuesday 30th April 2019, 7pm
Divine Service/Demonstration
Wallsend SNU Spiritualist Church, Park Road, Wallsend

Wednesday 22nd May 2019, 7pm
Divine Service/Demonstration
Middlesbrough SNU Spiritualist Church, Hawthorn Road, Ashington

Thursday 23rd May 2019, 6.30pm
Evening of Mediumship
Serenity, Guisborough.  Tickets available direct from Serenity here

Saturday 1st June 2019, 7pm
Evening of Mediumship
Spirit Within, Park Road, Hartlepool

Monday 3rd June 2019, 7pm
Divine Service
Shildon SNU Spiritualist Church, Shildon

Sunday 9th June 2019, 6.30pm
Divine Service
Seaham SNU Spiritualist Church, Cornelia Terrace, Seaham

Sunday 30th June 2019, 6pm
Divine Service
Craghead SNU Spiritualist Church, Front Street, Craghead

Sunday 18th August 2019, 6.30pm
Divine Service
Billingham SNU Spiritualist Church, Chapel Road, Billingham

Tuesday 1st October 2019, 7pm
Evening of Mediumship
Spennymoor SNU Spiritualist Church, Barnfield Road, Spennymoor

Thursday 17th October 2019, 7pm
Middlesbrough SNU Spiritualist Church, Borough Road, Middlesbrough

Wednesday 6th November 2019, 7pm
Evening of Mediumship
Shildon SNU Spiritualist Church, Shildon

Saturday 23rd November 2019 - Monday 25th November 2019
Weekend at Stourbridge SNU Spiritualist Church, West Midlands
Visit:  https://www.stourbridgespiritualistchurch.com/ for details

Sunday 1st December 2019, 6pm
Divine Service
Horden SNU Spiritualist Church, Yoden Way, Horden