Church Services, Demonstrations and Events



Saturday 6th August 2022, 7.30pm 

Demonstration of Mediumship 

Stourbidge SNU Church, Stourbridge

Details/ tickets: Welcome to Stourbridge Spiritualist Church

Sunday 7th August 2022, 6.30pm 

Divine Service  

Stourbridge SNU Church, Stourbridge

Wednesday 14th September 2022, 7pm 

Demonstration of Mediumship  

Shildon SNU Church, Shildon, County Durham

Tuesday 11th October 2022, 7pm 

Service with Mediumship 

Wallsend SNU Church, Wallsend. Tyne & Wear

Sunday 16th October 2022, 6.30pm 

Divine Service 

Middlesbrough SNU Church, Borough Road, Middlesbrough

Tuesday 22nd October 2022, 7pm 

Service with Mediumship 

Seaham SNU Church, Seaham

Sunday 27th October 2022, 6pm 

Divine Service  

Horden SNU Church, Horden, County Durham

Wednesday 30th November 2022, 7pm 

Service with Mediumship 

Jarrow SNU Church, Jarrow, Tyne & Wear



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