Richard is passionate about teaching and the development of others, he is experienced in the delivery of demonstrations, training and workshops, and the topics of these can include:

  • Mediumship / psychic development
  • Platform presentation (for those working within Spiritualist churches)
  • Cosmic ordering/law of attraction
  • Angels
  • Meditation
  • Positive thinking/visualisation

(These can be delivered as talks or workshops)

Richard is also happy to provide bespoke training for individuals, groups, churches, as well as for companies for staff development / reward events on subjects such as working with your intuition and positive thinking as well as his other areas.  Richard can also provide private one to one coaching and tuition.  (Please get in touch for further details or to discuss further).

In 2015 Richard’s contribution to and achievements in education within the SNU were recognised when he became the first person to be awarded the SNU Northern District Council Education Award.

The development of others in mediumship and Spiritualism is one of Richard’s passions.  He regularly delivers workshops/training within Spiritualist Churches and has led and supported development groups and circles.

As a licensed Neuro Linguistic Practitioner Richard is committed to helping individuals to bring out the best in themselves and gains immense satisfaction from this, both through his readings and workshops.

Details of forthcoming Workshops and Training Events:

17th December 2002 – Festival of Light, Barbanell Centre, Stafford –


Spiritual Assessments (Online via Zoom)

Are you seeking some guidance or inspiration for your spiritual work?

Perhaps you are feeling stuck, or are requiring some direction and empowerment in your life and work?

A spiritual assessment may help, and can provide an opportunity for;

  • Help and guidance with overcoming difficulties and the development of new skills
  • Exploration of potential opportunities for progression
  • An opportunity for discussion with an experienced Medium
  • Identification of new abilities and inspirations
  • Assistance with removing blocks and finding direction

Appointments are £45 and approximately 45 minutes long.  For bookings / further information please get in touch.

Richard has worked as a professional Medium since 1999, and as well as being a Minister of the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU), he holds SNU diplomas in demonstrating mediumship and public speaking.

His work in private sittings has been assessed by the Spiritualists’ National Union who have awarded him with a diploma of recognition (DSNU) in private sittings.  He is the first person in the world to have received this prestigious recognition from the SNU, and is currently the only holder of this award.

One to One Training / Mentoring Support for Mediums (Online Via Zoom)

£50 per 1 hour session, available in the following areas;

  • Preparation/coaching for SNU assessments
  • Tuition/training on private sittings
  • Meditation/ attunement to spirit
  • Working psychically
  • Tuition/ training on presentation of mediumship (demonstrating)
  • Presentation and deepening of evidence

For a no obligation discussion about your requirements please get in touch.